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Is believed to be the oldest part of the city. This is a historic limestone hill situated on the left bank of the Vistula river. The castle on top of it is the former seat of Polish kings, place of coronation, royal weddings and burials. Although the Wawel Hill has undergone various changes and transformations over the centuries, it is widely regarded as a symbol of Polish identity and statehood. During the period of Polish kingdom Wawel was a residence for members of the royal dynasties: Piast, Jagiellon and Vasa. But in its history there were also infamous cards: during the partitions of Poland, the castle was converted into barracks for the Austrian Army and during World War II it became the seat of Hans Frank, Governor General GG. Today, we can visit the Cathedral, as well as the Royal chambers, the Treasury and the Armoury. However, apart from the touristic routes, the Wawel Hill has many secrets, which I can tell you about only face to face at the time of our visit…

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A part slightly younger than the buildings on the Wawel hill, but not less important and historical, is surrounded by a ring of Planty, the city park. In the center there is the Main Market Square, one of the largest medieval squares in Europe. The Square and the streets leading to it form a regular chessboard. Although this regular pattern of streets intersecting at right angles is nothing extraordinary, it still raises the recognition of many contemporaries.
In the long history of the city the Main Market had various functions, and their nature was marked by: the cloth stalls, the Town Hall and St Mary’s Church. After the foundation of the town square and the demarcation of the streets, the above-mentioned buildings were in close proximity to each other. Naturally, the place acquired the role of a commercial market, a rappresentation of government and a religious center. And although the town councilors don’t sit anymore in the administrative building, neither the nature nor the appearance of the market has changed significantly since its inception.

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A district of Krakow located to the South of the center. A place frequently visited by tourists because of its magical character. The unique atmosphere is created by Christian churches and the adjacent Jewish synagogues, as well as numerous pubs and bars,very different from those in the center. The character of this place was shaped over the years, by crossed cultures: Christian and Jewish. Although generally there is a conviction that Kazimierz (till World War II) was the only Jewish district, this is not true. That’s why I suggest a walk around Kazimierz during which I’ll talk about the history of this place’s multithreading. In this way we will go forward and understand its diversity.


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